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#47 - Becca Pearce - Going from Influential to Inspirational

Episode Summary

The lack of confidence experienced by women can lead them to doubt themselves and hesitate to share their valuable insights and experiences. This hesitation affects their ability to contribute and denies other women the opportunity to be empowered by their words! Join Kelly as she speaks with Becca Pearce about women's journey from influential to inspirational. When you actively listen to and amplify other women's voices, it will bring meaningful transformations and positive change for women everywhere! Stay tuned!

Episode Notes

Here's what to expect on the podcast:

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About Becca:

Becca Pearce is a strong-willed, no-nonsense executive who spent the majority of her career in leadership positions within the health insurance arena. In 2011, Becca was chosen by Governor O’Malley to be the CEO of the Maryland Health Benefit Exchange. She served the state of Maryland for two years before returning to the commercial market as a Vice President within a hospital system. In 2016, after surviving and recovering from a brain tumor, she left the corporate world to run an executive coaching firm that helps high-performing women move from being influential to inspirational.


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